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A Toast to Sunshine!

Our annual harvest provides us with around 500 litres of wine – developed in Barrique. It is a full-bodied wine and is easy on the palate. No description does it justice - you’ll just have to try it for yourself!


The Finest Olive Oil

Our organic olive groves provide us with approximately 600 litres of the finest olive oil. From the very first pressing this oil meets a very high quality and is manufactured by Giovanni personally.

In autumn, guests who would like to experience harvesting the olives are invited to a lunch of sicilian specialities prepared by Patricia.

In Switzerland, our Parco Verde olive oil is sold by


Smuk GmbH

Eggfluhweg 3

CH-4147 Aesch



As Nature Intended

Our small estate is lined with olive groves and vineyards. We also grow a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, naturally and biologically, without using any artificial fertilisers or pesticides. And not forgetting the hens who you’ll see running around freely all over Parco Verde who generously provide us with fresh eggs each day.